Monday, January 28, 2013

NYC- random visits

I go into NYC about once a week, mostly with my family, sometimes on my own. I have some friends who have never had a chance to visit...  so this post is for them. Just hoping to capture the feeling of walking around the city, not the landmarks that anyone can see on TV or online. So, here are some of my walking about photos.
view before entering NYC through the Lincoln Tunnel
Driving in the Lincoln Tunnel
Light fixture on a building
Columbus park (that is christopher)
Times Square (iphone photo)
Construction of Freedom Tower
Rock Center Atlas
In chelsea
Quick shot inside a beautiful church
Water source
Water, these are everywhere on NYC rooftops
occupy wall street
taped mouth
 top of the Flat Iron building 
old cemetery in NYC
architecture of the city
can't be sure, but I think this guy is getting mugged or punched
fire escapes abound
cool door
near chelsea, brick roads & taxis
central park

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 2013!

I can't believe it's 2013 and I am 43! That means next birthday I will be... Whatever, I feel pretty good, although sometimes I will glimpse of myself in the mirror and think who is that? Sometimes things remind you of your age and they can be pretty funny.

I was searching for a babysitter for a Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven show that we bought tickets for. My adorable babysitter from last year was home from college and I asked her, she wasn't available, so I booked someone else. Adorable babysitter was available for a few date nights, so after one such date night, I was asking her how school was going, she told me about her boyfriend who was living in Italy and that they met at sleep away camp, she was having a hard time being so far from him. As she was leaving she apologized that she couldn't babysit for the night I asked her, said she could the night before instead. I in turn told her that we couldn't change the date as we were going to see Camper Van Beethoven, to which she responded, "I haven't heard of that camp before." Haha! I love it!

Greg and I spent New Year's Eve at home with the boys, the boys crashed well before midnight, but Greg and I had a tasty drink that Greg named "The sore tailbone" (we won't go there as to how it got its name) and flipped back and fourth between Ryan Seacrest's flashback of past host shows AND Carson Daly, with co-host Jenny McCarthy, seeing her made me feel strange, like she was never supposed to get old, and how she still has that teenager personality, but with bags, Botox and injections... I still want her in a bikini hosting Singled Out!! Maybe a middle aged version?

Here's to a wonderful new year filled with possibilities, new experiences and new friendships! Cheers to all!