Wednesday, September 29, 2010

all about love

Who doesn't love to Love?

I am thinking about one of my three younger brothers. He has been in jail now for about five months, my mother says he is becoming a different person, harder, the light in his eyes is changing, fading. I really don't know much about prison, only what I've seen in movies or on HBO, I have a half brother who has been in and out of prison, but he seems to enjoy it and tries to get back in by committing petty theft on the few occasions when he is free. He is way past the three strikes rule? How does that work, maybe overcrowding?  But my younger brother is truly a free spirit and being in lock-up is the worst punishment one could give him. Why he is there, I'm not going to get into that. Let's just say that an appeal is in the works. I'm going to talk a little about his wife and children, his wife has been running his business and they have three children, all under six years.  The state has been paying for childcare for all of them. His wife, my sister in law is riding on waves of alternating depression and ?freedom? I don't know what else to call it, I think that even after five months she is questioning her loyalty to a man in prison. How can she live this way, no one to hold her at night, no one to laugh with, or hold the baby while she makes dinner. Hundreds of things single mothers deal with on a regular basis. I have heard that prison life is bad, while knowing this was the case, I find it hard to take hearing that of the two meals they are served each day the first is at 3 a.m., the second at 11 a.m., and if the prisoner does not have money coming to him from somewhere, one meal a day. Also there is no air conditioning, so they are in the Texas heat all day and night.

When one takes the marriage vows, how seriously are they taken? I know I was terrified when I said them.  For me, I knew I was truly committing to someone for life, was his commitment as great as mine? It was and always will be a leap of faith.  But seeing good friends marry and divorce, I know that for most people marriage is not that big of a commitment, "He doesn't have a job anymore and watches food network all day.", "She has been talking to someone on a dating site.", "I wanted to live in New York, she wants to live in California.", "I am sick of looking at her feet.", seriously, these are reasons I've been given for friends divorcing.  It really is none of my business, but lets look at LOVE and all the types of love:
LOVE at first sight
LOVE of a persons soul
LOVE for lust
puppy LOVE
growing LOVE
dying LOVE
passionate LOVE
unrequited LOVE
jealous LOVE
LOVE for your children
brotherly LOVE
obsessive LOVE
true LOVE
passing LOVE
so many ways to love, some good, others not so great....I am just happy to have all the love I have in my life, my husband, children, my family. Be sure to hug the ones you love, life is short and you never know what the next day can bring.

the photos above were taken while in Las Vegas, wonderful sculpture, his work is amazing, check him out here!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Paint everywhere!!!

Master bedroom is finished! Finally all the pink/blue butterfly wallpaper & matching drapes are GONE!!!! I feel much more peaceful at bedtime. After many days of scraping, pulling, tearing, holding a 10 pound steamer to the wall, washing, vacuuming, plastering, sanding, priming and painting, the master bedroom is transformed into a warm and comfy room, somehow the popcorn ceiling is much less bothersome (to be addressed at a later date). My hands, fingers and wrists felt like concrete, stiff and achy, but now rest and just maybe my love of a good book will return.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Children, School, House...Time

Sometimes, I just blog in my head at night, too tired to actually type. The start of school is a bit of an adjustment, mornings now start at 6:15 am, the loss of the extra hour is really tough.  Atticus and I have been spending alot of time together, he really misses his brothers and it is showing in all points of his personality. Coffee no longer kicks me into the autopilot mode.  I am waiting for the flip to happen, adjusting to a new climate, new time zone and new school for the boys. Totally different feeling than their previous school, not quite as social. On another note, Greg is opening a running store in historic downtown San Marcos, and I am working on setting up Texas Laid Photography! Yeah...more to come on both as things progress.