Monday, November 15, 2010

the beautiful people

I have always loved taking photos of people, I think there must be some rule that says you can't post photos of people without their permission (maybe that just means famous people). But....I am going to turn this love into a career. I am determined to be a success. I believe in diving in with my whole heart, learning as I go has always worked best for me.  I just need to find a few willing subjects and some time to shoot them.  My husband is really handsome and a great subject, but really doesn't like to be photographed, my kids can't sit still for too long and are tired of me asking, but there are plenty of fish in the sea, and I'm going fishing!!!!! These are some of my favorite shots.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wind chimes

I have always loved the sound of wind chimes, but not all wind chimes are appealing, some can be quite annoying. I've never bought a set myself, but enjoyed hearing them when visiting someones home or at a store that is selling them.  A few years ago when we were once again moving, this time from Austin, our friends gave us a wind chime that was made in Hawaii, crafted from wood, it really has lovely music and I have carried with me on all of our moves since.  I had a very strange experience with wind chimes recently,  many years ago a dear friend of mine who was my younger sister's best friend, was killed in a car accident. We all had many of the same friends and she was very young and her death had a profound affect on all of us. I think we all thought that we were invincible up until that happened, at least that is how I felt. I was never able to make it to the funeral and it seemed to me I never had said a proper goodbye. Needless to say many years had passed and I came to a sort of acceptance with her being gone, though sometimes I will find myself thinking about how her children would look, would they have blue eyes like her, blond curly hair? Who would she have married? I hate thinking of an unfinished life, especially someone that I knew and loved. On a recent trip to Houston for my sister's baby shower, I asked her if we could go visit our friend's grave, as I had never been. My sister was not really ready to take me there, she has never really gotten over her death and being pregnant really makes emotions run high.  I insisted she go because I had never been and had no way of finding her resting place. We stopped for some lovely white roses and daisies, once we arrived at the graveyard we parked close to where my sister thought her epitaph was. It was a really sunny day, clear and beautiful. I let my sister go on ahead while I arranged the bouquet, when I had finished I saw that she had already walked into the next section over. I started over towards her, I could tell she was having a hard time finding our friend's grave. I walked about 10 minutes, very slowly, looking from stone to stone, reading names and dates, wondering about who had what type of life and such. I looked up and my sister was about a hundred yards away, she raised her arms in a shrug, when she made that gesture I heard the sound of wind chimes, I looked up and there were two sets of chimes ringing softly in the breeze, then I looked down and saw my friend's final resting place, under a tree with the sounds of chimes ringing any time the wind blew. It was a strange feeling to find it that way, a gentle push from the other side, we may have wondered for quite awhile longer if not for those ringing chimes. I have always felt a crazy sort of peace while in a graveyard, and I felt strangely at peace for our dear friend Lisa.