Friday, March 25, 2011

Fifty years

This weekend my parents will be renewing their marriage vows, my mom was sixteen when she married my father, he was twenty-nine. Oh, should I mention that he had three ex-wives and six children that he failed to tell her about when they got married. That would be grounds for divorce for me or better yet annulment! A couple of years later he brought home his fourteen year old daughter and introduced her to my mother, she was pregnant with my oldest brother at the time, well, surprise, surprise!!!  It's a miracle that fifty years later they are still together, they had nine children and now have 49 grandchildren with another on the way.
I love my parents and have come to appreciate their own special way of doing things, although I went through hell and lots of therapy just to try to straighten up all the ways I got screwed up as a child. They say your personality is what it will be at the age of two, growing up, my personality fought against everything that my parents were. Peace within is a lovely thing to feel after years of turmoil and even some years of trying to change who they were, a few years spent hiding or distancing myself. I love to see families where the kids and parents sit and have a glass of wine together and talk about what's happening in the world. An example of this situation with my folks would be, "Drinking alcohol is a sin, all this war means the rapture is coming!" How do you respond, just don't have a glass of wine and don't bring up politics! I cherish them, I'm happy for them, I am proud that they have stayed together through everything, raising nine children, all kinds of crazy situations and hardships. I just have to live at least 100 miles from them to keep my sanity. Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad! XO


  1. Tavia... Hilarious! Congrats to my g'rents on 50 years! That's a wonderful milestone and testimony of marriage! I hope the vow renewal is awesome!

    ~Sarah D.
    (the eldest of the 49 grandkids) <-- is my claim to Chalker fame! Lol

  2. hmm were am i in the lineup???


  3. Jestina you are #2!