Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Heat is ON!!!

I have to say that this heat is most bothersome, the outdoors is calling my name, but honestly it is hard to breathe out there! The heat index and humidity are out of control, not to mention that we are in stage three drought here in Texas. I am really wishing for some torrential rain about now, some lightning and thunder, hell that's the thing I missed most about living in Texas and it has only happened a couple of times since we moved back. This is a record breaking heat wave this spring/summer and two years ago when we moved back to Austin Texas for a brief time it was also record breaking heat. What is it about us moving here and the temperature rise? I get excited when the weatherman says it's going to be 95 degrees, which hasn't happened by the way. As things stand all fireworks displays have been canceled :(  but, you can opt for the laser light show in Austin?  Greg and I once spent July fourth on the lake in Michigan and I recall us both wearing sweatshirts and were a bit chilly.  I hope everyone has a great July 4th and stays cool...let's hope that cold front of 97 degrees they promised comes though. Here are some photos of July 4th past, enjoy your Holiday!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home on the Range

 I took a little break from writing in my blog the past couple of weeks. I felt I needed to breathe a bit, clear my head and look to the positive. Moving back to Texas has been a bit of a change.  I've needed to find a new way to relax my brain, in California, a lounge on the warm sand, looking out at the waves seemed to bring me the peace I needed to compose my thoughts and bring them into sharper focus. I am not a big fan of really hot temperatures, so here I am... the thermometer sitting near to upper 90's, how to clear my head? I just don't know yet, too many things are swirling about, colliding in a big messy knot. Summer is here, the boys will be out of school, as soon as these tattoos heal, we will be floating down the river some, very relaxing. When camps start, Atticus and I will be spending much more time together because he is not old enough to attend some of them.  I love going to Deep Eddy, I can watch the boys splash in the water and not worry that they will wind up in over their heads. I am looking forward to some leisure time, not making school lunches everyday, and spending some quality time with my family. Something about Texas makes me crave margaritas, cold beer, live music and old friends. I guess that's just the feeling home brings.