Saturday, July 9, 2011


Today is my 15th wedding anniversary. I remember picking fresh flowers off the trees in Jamaica, washing the ants off of them in the sink while I was waiting for my wedding dress to be delivered after having the wrinkles from travel steamed out. My wedding dress, which was actually a skirt and top, was made from a beautiful Chinese silk, given to me by a friend (Jan). My dress was slightly too big because I lost 8 pounds the week before I got married, I was a nervous bride. My wedding outfit arrived to our room and it had been ironed, not steamed, I had to hang it in the shower to steam out the creases. We didn't have any family with us, so we asked a couple that we met the night before to be our witnesses, they were also our photographers, I wish I could remember their names. Our minister was a very serious fellow and he made me even more nervous, I was slightly terrified after he gave Greg and I a long speech about what marriage meant. Going through my mind were all the divorced people that I knew, then I looked at Greg and he smiled, his eyes said he loved me. I felt happy, I felt protected, I felt secure, my pulse slowed and it began to rain as we said our vows under the Caribbean sun. I am so happy and lucky to have spent eighteen wonderful years with Greg, and have had such beautiful experiences, along with our three handsome sons. I have enjoyed his company immensely, laughed so much because of him, learned so much from him, thank you Greg for these fifteen sweet years of marriage! Happy Anniversary!
December 1993

July 2011

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You two both look way too young to be married 15 years. Congrats.