Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I get excited when I come across an artists work that I haven't seen before. Going to a museum and seeing a work in person is wonderful, they are never the size that you expect them to be, sometimes tiny, sometimes larger than life. As a child I used to beg my mother to draw me a girl, most of the time she would stop and draw a very pretty picture for me. I thought hers were the prettiest faces, and I would try to draw just like her. When I was twenty-eight, she sent me a notebook full of girls faces that I had drawn from age nine to thirteen. Greg and I had a pretty fun time looking at them and laughing, they were not that great.
When I was seven my parents decided that dolls were what the bible called "Graven Images" and took all our dolls away from us. I think my mom wasn't fully on board with this concept, but my father had a pretty strong opinion on the subject. It is important to know that this phase did not last long, maybe a year at most. My sister and I began to find other things to play with, shoes being one of them. Our brothers had shoes of every size, my mom had high heels, my dad had loafers, we had men, women and children to play with. The mop and broom were also made into people and sometimes even wore shoes. During this time our mother started to buy us paper-dolls, and because we loved to draw, we were entranced with these delicate cardboard cutouts. After a year of collecting all types of paper-dolls, our collection was vast, at least for us it was. My parents were missionaries to Mexico and sometimes we had visitors from our church, most spoke little or no English. On one visit a family brought their three year old daughter. My sister and I brought out our paper-doll collection for her to play with. While playing with a doll from the twenties she  accidentally tore her head off. We knew that her head was drooping anyway and we laughed when the little girl said with a sad voice "LOOK! SHE HAS NO HEAD"!  When we laughed, she smiled and picked up another paper-doll and tore it's head off. My sister and I began to laugh like there was no tomorrow, she took this as a sign to tear off all our dolls heads, and that's what happened. After they left, we looked around at all our headless paper-dolls and we both started to cry. I still love seeing beautiful faces on paper, and even though I don't have any paper-dolls there are plenty to see in paintings everywhere, one of my favorite working artists right now is Bec Winnel. This woman's art is gorgeous and dreamlike. The paintings take me back to the seventies, when I was a young girl, playing with paper-dolls. Everything about her faces feels fresh, mellow and innocent all at the same time. I'm including some of my favorite paintings of hers below, and please check out her site to see all of her sweet works. http://becwinnel.com/


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Before the storm...

I love being back in our old neighborhood, it feels so quaint and the history that you see everyday is inspirational. I'm enjoying how days are still warm from the summer heat, but mornings, there is a crisp chill in the air. I like that there are windows in the school that my children will be attending.... instead of the windowless new schools built so there are no distractions from the outside world. Taking tucker (our dog) on a walk before the hurricane that is due to hit this evening, I snapped some photos with my iPhone. Enjoy, more to come.....After the storm!

Archway covered in blooms adds so much charm!
path to the school garden
In the elementary school garden
100 year old schoolhouse, delightful!
Unique to our neighborhood, the gas lamps stay lit 24/7
The colors faded on this "Dollhouse" a bright lavender
Knobby trees
I thought this house was quite tall!
Hydrangeas grow mad here
A floral birdbath
I like how the grass is growing between the sidewalk
Even the gutter runoff stones are pretty!
A nice old Victorian
I like this house and it has it's own gas lamp!