Monday, December 19, 2011


 I stopped in at Panera bread to have coffee with a friend and arrived a little early... so I popped over to the stores that were nearby. When I walked into ROCK PAPER SCISSORS, my brain began to tingle a bit! Looking around I was completely delighted! Small perfect displays lay on tables, dressers and bookshelves throughout the store.  On one table in tiny round glass bowls, were pretty little beads or tiny copper birds. The jewelry maker would be content running fingers over colored crystals, and tiny clasps. Beautiful fabrics for any type of sewing projects are yours for  the choosing. The colors are nicely and neatly coordinated to please the eye and push you forward to the next display. The details are what make this store a standout. Open drawers holding quilting squares that are neatly wrapped in ribbon, ric rac trim hanging from wooden spools, and small unexpected pairings.  The owner Beth Rowan really has a grasp on what's happening in the crafting world, not to mention she is very pleasant. The store offers sewing, crafting and holiday gift classes for adults and for children. Such a neat store, I may try to take a class and brush up on my sewing skills (which have suffered in the last 22 years) I've heard it's like riding a bike! Stop in and have a look.


  1. Fabulous description of a great local scrapbook store. Thanks so much for highlighting this local business!

  2. Looks beautiful! Love all the colors!