Saturday, February 4, 2012

I love Ralph Fiennes, but that's another story..

Here I am again, taking about books. I've been reading The Constant Gardener, written by John le Carre. My new reading spot is in the bath, where I may drop a book at some point, but seems to be quiet enough for me to focus and is relaxing as well.  I'll begin with saying that I loved the movie, so well acted by Ralph Fiennes (he is handsome, sexy, a bit restrained and an awesome actor) he played the role perfectly, just the right amount of sorrow and purpose through confusion and loss. Cast perfectly. In reading the book, I am finding that I love the story so much more, as parts of books are always lost in movies, thoughts that don't translate or paragraphs too emotional to catch. I love the LOVE story that unfolds (spoiler ahead) after her death, as he realizes how and why he loved this woman, beyond her beauty, her enthusiasm, her causes.. and how he begins to discover her loyalty towards him, her devotion to the things she believes in. SO beautiful and so heartbreaking. Truly a well written story. I think this novel could have only come out of age and experience. Although it was based on a true story, the love story within is an all time favorite of mine. I think I will have to add John le Carre to my list of authors I love, plus he has four sons, and I like that as well!