Sunday, April 29, 2012

just an excerpt

The new school was teen cowboys in Ropers wandering the halls, no dip stains on the carpets. She felt like she could bloom here, open up without being noticed. Her shyness slipped away, she went to parties and made friends with the "cool kids", a senior named Christina taught her how to smoke cigarettes while telling her what kind of blow jobs college guys liked. Christina went to her high school, but lived out of the district, she went to her house in Houston. The house was huge, the grounds perfectly manicured, six bedrooms at least, it looked like a house right from the pages of Home and Garden. Her mother's marble floored bathroom had bottles of expensive perfumes; Joy, Giorgio Beverly Hills, Chanel No. 5 .. along with pearls and jeweled rings laying on the vanity. She said her mother used to be a model back in the day. In the huge photo hanging on the bedroom wall, her mom looked like a tattered Marilyn Monroe copycat. Coming from upstairs and into the kitchen she bumped into a thickly built girl, with bulging eyes and buckteeth, her hair shot out from her head like she'd been electrocuted....She let out a scream. Christina grabbed her by the hand and said "Don't worry, that's just my retarded sister." She then pulled her out the back door and into her private apartment in the backyard. Yes, this was a new world for sure.

No matter how many parties she attended, with kids freaking out on bad acid, throwing up into empty pools, trading cocaine for a joint or some poppers, she still felt shock at the ease with which it all took place. These kids went home to their parents, ate dinner, did their homework... then on weekends they got blasted out of their minds, lips cracking from too much cocaine, eyes black from snorting ecstasy that was made in in a lab at an older siblings college. How was it that it was so easy to skirt the law at this age, how were drugs so easily obtained? She had driven up to an apartment complex with a couple friends, a guy comes out, just nods his head and you say what you need, next thing... she's hanging out in the bayou, under the bridge, smoking a joint that only cost five dollars.

Frederik Heyman's photography images below....

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have many things that are going through my head at the moment, but they are just not ready to come out. So... here is a lighter subject for me.....Why are these skinny rockers so hot & sexy?? Besides the fact that their voices are great and they seem like bad boys, honestly I can't understand why. My first example is probably the most popular. Mick Jagger...need i say more? Check out this sexy bad boy.

Mick J. Skinny, Sexy
Ah and David Bowie, remained king of all skinnies
 throughout his awesome career, 
named my second son after him, love always, RIP DAVID BOWIE

OK, another of my all time favorites.. Billy Idol, loved him in concert,
front row, he managed to make me and my sister blush.... 
and I must admit I yelled out that he was a GOD!
 ha ha, young and easily impressed

I have to mention Nick Cave, who has morphed into a not so hot skinny,
but his voice just does it for me...

One more skinny singer, I don't find him sexy, but I must admit
 just his contortions alone make my curiosity get the better of me.....
Go Iggy Pop!!