Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have many things that are going through my head at the moment, but they are just not ready to come out. So... here is a lighter subject for me.....Why are these skinny rockers so hot & sexy?? Besides the fact that their voices are great and they seem like bad boys, honestly I can't understand why. My first example is probably the most popular. Mick Jagger...need i say more? Check out this sexy bad boy.

Mick J. Skinny, Sexy
Ah and David Bowie, remained king of all skinnies
 throughout his awesome career, 
named my second son after him, love always, RIP DAVID BOWIE

OK, another of my all time favorites.. Billy Idol, loved him in concert,
front row, he managed to make me and my sister blush.... 
and I must admit I yelled out that he was a GOD!
 ha ha, young and easily impressed

I have to mention Nick Cave, who has morphed into a not so hot skinny,
but his voice just does it for me...

One more skinny singer, I don't find him sexy, but I must admit
 just his contortions alone make my curiosity get the better of me.....
Go Iggy Pop!!

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