Thursday, May 3, 2012


I came across a clipping in an old journal of mine, this poetry, between the pages of a few of my own poems...which compare in no way to this beautiful piece....


Is there no way I might
Open my heart with a knife
I could slip you in
And close the cut again

Till the end of time
Til the resurrection
You'd be inside
No heart but mine

In the webbing of my heart
You'd live my lifetime
In the tomb's twilight
You'd die when I did

Ibn Hazm (Cordova, 994-1063)

Hazm was a poet (to say the least) in 11th century Medieval Spain. I love simple... straightforward.... so beautiful.

These paintings below are by Egon Schiele...a favorite of mine, I just love his style... and can picture the subjects in these photos feeling just what the poem says.