Sunday, September 9, 2012

The horizon

Columbia Crest 'Amitage' 2008, really quite tasty, with all the lovely flavors I enjoy in a wine, a little bite, layered flavors of spice, plums...a hint of vanilla, a tiny chocolate finish... perfect for tonight.

This week, Monday actually.. I may have some beginnings of a kitchen! Moving into a home that's lacking this very important element with three kids has been a bit challenging, washing things in the bathroom sink is just, well you know...but I am making do..and holding it together by searching for all the fun things we are going to need, tile, paints, flooring, a new couch. I like tying it all together. Our new little cape cod, an inspired purchase after a visit to the cape.

My youngest son started Kindergarten this year, he is loving it after some first day jitters...or I should say crazy nervousness for a five year old. I have to remember that their world is still so small and this was a very big moment for him.  What this means for me is a big change, the first time in over ten years that my days of the week will be child free, of course right now, I still have no free time with getting the house unpacked, but soon...I hope to be photographing everything in sight and make many trips to the city for inspiration!! Fingers crossed for wearied travelers soon to return home and empty hearts to be full once again!