Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Men in Beards (YAY!)

I do love a man in a beard....
IF he can carry off the look. While only a few with sparse patchy facial hair can wear the unshaven look, some do manage to rock it. However... I personally love the guy that can grow a powerful manly beard, but please... keep it neat and in it's proper place!
Here are some beautiful bearded guys....ENJOY!
Wild man beard, yes!

Ewan- baby face with a beard

Liam- The esteemed beard

Beckham- The Athlete-  shaves beard into interesting shapes & often

Crying beard guy, a must

Jude Law- can grow every style (in one day)

Fiennes- What? I have a beard you say
Rhys myers- beautiful hipster beard
Alex P- Sparse, but knows how