Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Wow! I finally feel that time is flying! We had two weeks off over Christmas and New Years. We fit several small trips into this time. California is so rich in that way, so much to see and many beautiful areas to visit, the weather is mostly beautiful, even when the temperature drops it is never unbearable. I guess I prefer the "in-between" weather wise, not too hot, not too cold, the in be-tweens are my thing, where I'm most content... perfect for that here!

SO... this year will hopefully be my project finishing year. I have so many things packed away that I have high hopes for. I'm going to drag them out and finish what I started, even the things I haven't started yet- but that have been brewing in my head for awhile. Painting projects, sewing projects, ahem…..writing projects.

I really loved and highly recommend the 17 mile drive starting in Monterey, CA and winding on around the ocean and several other cool vantage points that are well worth seeing. Also in this stretch is the famous Pebble Beach golf resort, I guess if you golf, this place is the ultimate, really striking views of the ocean. Super worth the $9 fee charged for the coastal drive. I didn't know at the time but the ocean was having what is called King Tides, caused by the gravitational pull of the moon as well as the position of the earth to the sun. Both the highest and lowest tides of the year were happening. The waves were amazing, the sun glinting off the peaks in a silvery spray, the skies bluer than anything. It was truly breathtaking! There is no way to capture this beauty, it is ever changing, each moment is different. I took a few shots, and I'll happily share. Here's to a beautiful, adventurous, ever-changing, and ever satisfying 2014!!! CHEERS!!

Succulents by the Ocean, 17 mile drive
Climbing the rocks, 17 mile drive
The swirling ocean
This look, "Think it's safe?"
Just plain beautiful
Sun reflecting on the water
Me & the boys, on some rocks
They sure had fun, running over these jagged rocks
More running, just needs some scissors