Sunday, March 9, 2014

School stuff

For me going to college was a learning process (aside from the education part- haha!).. neither of my parents were high school graduates and they simply did not view college as a necessity. My older brother Paul gave me a few tips about finances and told me about some grants that might be available to me. The process was slow and painful, the few schools that I applied and was accepted to…I just simply could not afford. So- instead of living at home and going to a nearby school, I opted to move to Austin and start at the community college. I immediately looked for and got a job. I began working as a hostess at the Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. It was a bit stuffy, as I worked in the "Formal Dining Restaurant" also, it exposed me to a bunch of old perverts of the sort that I had no idea existed in the world... nice, handsome, older perverts with money, but creeps none-the-less.  When school did start and I managed to pay for my tuition, I realized that in order to continue with school AND buy textbooks AND pay my rent (only a mere $200) I would need a second job, which I got pretty quickly at Trudy's Texas Star (at least here, I was working with students, grad students and waited on mostly the same). I had a really hard time asking my parents for money, they still had four kids at home and really didn't have much money to spare. My dad would give me anything, but I just was too proud to ask and also was determined to really be on my own. I struggled many times, but I learned ways to eat when I was hungry (mostly I ate where I worked because they provided a meal to employees) I pawned all my jewelry to pay rent. That first year I lost a whole lot of weight, I preferred to spend my money on beer, instead of food, I was tired all the time, studying, working, going out, it left little time for sleep. Thank god I discovered coffee that first year & developed quite a liking for it! (still love coffee) I met several people whose parents were paying their way through school, and providing them with dorm rooms, or apartments. It was funny for me to listen to them talk of their struggles. I always knew that I would find a way to get buy, at least to pay my rent. I lived in some pretty cheap, but homey places…I once found a roommate online, she was insane to say the least- I would see her hiding in the bushes when I would come home, she would wear my clothes, eat my food, all while I was away. I would smell her perfume in my bed and find her lipstick on my clothes.. I'm pretty sure she stole my passport as well. I lived there a month and got the hell out. I also lived with these two guys that owned a hugely fat cat, that they let sit on the stove (I found this disgusting, and hated to cook) it's fur was like four inches long and it had fleas- I didn't feel bad when I threw the cat into the shower and dumped flea shampoo on it and shut the glass behind me. These two guys would leave big jars of Vaseline next to the living room chair, along with towels and the VCR blinking- once a blow-up doll fell out of the hall closet, all that stuff was weird- after a couple of months, the cat finally drove me away. I lived with a guy named Chuck, who ate nothing but baloney on white bread, he was so quite and sterile, he cleaned his house spotless everyday and bleached his bathroom so often that I wondered if he killed people there from time to time.
I know it's old news, but this girl who is suing her parents for college tuition and living expenses can't really expect to win, and if she does, oh my god! How bratty and spoiled she comes across. When she has children, she is in for a real eye-opener.  I hope if she does have kids, they sue her to take care of them after they are eighteen. I am raising my boys to be contributing members of society, to take care of themselves, to know how to cook, do laundry and hopefully if need be get a job while in school- they all have college funds, but It won't be a completely free ride. I think working in college is a necessary transition into adulthood, and gives a sense of accomplishment as well. This girl needs to be left on her own, maybe then she will step up and learn how to accept that she is an adult and responsible for her own future.
Driskill Hotel