Tuesday, May 27, 2014

THE movies

I'm not a big time movie goer, if there is something that I really want to see, I will usually carve some time from my schedule, but usually I just wait for it to show up on cable or download it from the web. When all the awards shows are airing, I have to admit that I've maybe seen two to four of the movies nominated. I really enjoy a great movie, one that gets you thinking or emotional.

Back in my early twenties I was experiencing some heavy anxiety and had to avoid movies all together- anything could send me into a panic. Recently I took our two older  boys to see Godzilla. I started getting anxious right from the opening scene,  I thought "Am I going to have to slip out, leaving the boys to watch these giant monsters all by themselves, while I spend my ten dollars having a panic attack in the bathroom?" I snapped my jaws together and put the cold drink against the pulse throbbing in my neck, that seemed to help, covering my ears helped a bit as well. I'm sure looked like some kind of idiot, but whatever. I was so happy I stayed, I loved the movie, very well done and super entertaining! Bravo!

Greg and I also will catch some flicks together on the couch, we recently watched Don Jon, which we both laughed at, and I thought it had a really great lesson to be learned at the heart of the movie- A winner!  I really like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who also directed btw (hey!). Enjoyable, truly.

There are the movies that if I'm channel surfing and happen to come across that certain movie I must watch, such as: Dirty Dancing, any of the Harry Potter movies, The English Patient, When Harry met Sally, any movie with Ewan McGregor, Fight Club,  9 1/2 weeks, Lord of the Rings (any), Forest Gump, L.A. Confidential (but I think this is because I think I may understand what is going on if I watch it enough), Unforgiven, The Sixth Sense, The Others, Breakfast at Tiffany's! There- I think that's most of them.  I adore a good book, but a movie done well is sort of like a good book wrapped up in a pretty little package and mostly it's only about two hours out of your life to enjoy!

I'm looking forward to seeing the third Hobbit movie & would like to see the new X-men movie that's just out. Also,  I'm totally into Game of Thrones- which feels like an ongoing movie somehow.

Loved this, has a sweet lesson

Such sweet sadness

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