Thursday, August 21, 2014

Carmel, CA- white sand, cold water

I completely fell in love with Carmel on our last visit. Greg and I visited in 1998 and I don't remember much about it from that visit, we had driven from Lake Tahoe, attended a wedding in San Francisco and then taken California 1 home to Los Angeles, the beaches sort of blurred together at that time. Aside from the very quaint, high end, tourist filled downtown area of Carmel, it's the beach that is so beckoning, rolling sand hills leading down to a very white sandy beach (most California beaches have a darker beige sand color) I love when the sand is white, it gives the ocean a more colorful blue, and it just makes it feel more tropical. However the water is still freezing!!! Anything below 78 degrees is freezing to me! The boys took their boogie boards in only a couple of times before the shivers began. The water Santa Cruz seems a bit warmer for some reason. The dolphins were out in full force, jumping in arches out of the water, playing in pairs, always so cool and I could watch them forever and feel peaceful. The beach was filled with tourists as well, but not as crowded as Santa Cruz beaches in the summer and I noticed several French accents. Here are some quick photos I snapped on the beach in Carmel. The video is of some dolphins, but sort of hard to see!

In Carmel, on a hike by Pacific Ocean
Austin & Noah, Carmel

The sand, my nephew, wearing a seaweed necklace

Me and my sister hanging out, Carmel

View from the cliffside, Carmel

Greg looking cute, on a hike 

Me, in the wildflowers, by the ocean