Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Collector

A newborn, named so casually,
no foresight of the coldness that would become
your pernicious heart, your weapon

You, so beautiful and satisfying
when you were really joyful
instead, you threw away souls
for the next pretty face or new indulgence

You were Hannibal in a different way
cannibalizing hearts and minds-
Copies of your sent letters
held as some valuable work of art,
your collectables

They remain on your shelf
saved for your twilight
when you are alone and unnerved.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The little beetle

The little beetle carries what she can
not much
her back is round
and things fall

Where is she going
to her home?
To her children
Is she a child herself?

The little beetle battles the elements
slowing her progress
only slightly
her roundness allows the wind
to flow over her shell
without knocking her
to the ground

The little beetle stops to look
she rolls onto her back
this game of playing dead
will save her

Now she strives to turn herself over
it is a struggle
when she arrives on her legs
her color has changed
she is scratched
yet shinier then before.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Post election trauma

I was shocked by the election results, having gone to bed that night thinking I would wake up to the first female president, and then....waking up to the news. I actually felt sick, for two whole days... I'm still not ready to talk abut it. I have this unshakable feeling of dread when I think about January. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Needless to say, filling days with nature, and pretty things, and being with the people I love goes a long way in helping to feel better. Wine with my husband at night, spending time together as a family, visiting with my sister, being outside when the weather is nice, ahhh... thank god for these things!

Here are some photos from a few places I've recently been..

A pretty little stream near home

A place in Plano that's nice for small day hikes

The Arboretum, Dallas

Tucker, running free at the river

Friday, November 11, 2016

Hello Texas!


Here I year older, or maybe a few?? ... I revived the old blog!! I have some poetry that I've written & I feel like sharing, and my photography site is gone.. for now, although I will still be taking pictures, but only for my own entertainment and enjoyment.

We have also moved back to Texas! Yeehaw! I'm liking Dallas so far. I've never lived here before or visited either, so it's all new to me!

Moving and unpacking, settling in and getting the boys situated and registered for everything is trying, it has gone pretty smooth, with only a few hiccups, more vaccinations for the boys, as if California, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee, Oklahoma didn't make them get enough... blah! Anyhow, they are up and running with most activities and even have proper beds to sleep in!

We embraced Texas life right away, starting out with The State Fair, I hate crowds (and heat and all the various mingling smells, you will find at the fair), but we did it for the kids! They had fun, although it was the condensed walk fast, eat fast, do rides fas, look at animals fast...version of going to the fair, it still was too long in my opinion, my favorite thing was looking at the show horses, they had such beautiful eyes and coats, they were magnificent! (I don't get to use that word enough!)

Big Tex?
Austin's long legs, sticking straight out


Greg and I have been going on a date night each Friday, so we've been exploring around, fun nightlife here, especially if you like to eat! We've checked out these places so far... - Great martini's! Ahi Tuna salad was delicious! we sat at the bar, it was crowded! -Kind of cool, very dark, lively environment, I wasn't hungry, just had a salad, but Greg said the fish was good! Salsa was served warm!  - This place is very close to us, and I really like the vibe, laid back, lively, interesting food, although the food is a bit heavy, sharing is a good idea, we skipped the Whiskey cake dessert, but plan to try it next time! - Good choice in wines, communal tables, a little bright for evening, but great selection of beer and wines and an interesting menu, also close to home, so that's a plus! - This is a chain, a little more on the pricey side, got the feeling that this is where the older crowds go, by older I just mean like 50- 60+ haha! We are not far from that! The Pineapple Vanilla Martini was great, and the steak was tasty, we shared!

Northern California - December

It has been REALLY cold the last few nights. Each morning the temperature has been in the low 20's!! Twice our pipes froze, once when Greg was still out of town and I didn't realize that the temperature would drop SO low, and once after he got back and we forgot to let the facets drip broken pipes !THANK GOD! (the last and only broken pipe, happened when we lived in San Marcos, TX) There was actually snow on the ground and water shooting out from under our house when we woke up that morning, which was my first time trying to fix a burst pipe! (Greg was at work and left me to my own devices... I think every plumber in the area was out fixing wrecked pipes that day!) Needless to say that I googled fixing ruptured pipes and drove to the hardware store about six separate times, before deciding that some things are better left to the pros! So.. I assume this happens only in places where cold weather is not the norm.
I am still somewhat equipped for this weather after NJ... although most winter coats have been put away for future ski trips and when they might be needed- actually, when I think about it... I don't think I was very well equipped for NJ weather. I was always cold and my gloves always got wet on the inside. I do miss this time of year in New Jersey, mainly because of close friends that live there and those wonderful  trips to NYC with the family. The department stores and specialty shops have marvelous window displays showing intricate scenes of Christmas, there's the Rockefeller tree and ice skating rink! Decorations hang from building to building above your head while holiday music plays outside, it definitely puts you in the Christmas spirit.  Really you could walk for hours taking in the beauty and not feel the numbness settling in to your thighs- until it's too late and your skin is the color of red you know is just not right (this is why new yorkers wear coats that reach to the ground). New York City is a magical place around Christmastime. Certainly we will make trips back in the future! Here are a few photos I found. What shall we do this year?

Christmas window, NYC
Rockefeller Center NYC 
Icy trees
Tucker in the snow

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Skin that invited touch
that's what she had
softest of down
above those cupid's bow lips

It drew them in
those pink blooms
breasts that rose in mounds,
in that white t-shirt
in need of hands

The sawing and ripping began
at the start
the first wedge was placed
in her mouth
the sweet tongue

The softness whittled away
into hard edges, planes, bones
the curves gone,
the fruit taken,
the underlying skeletal figure
becoming more pronounced

Each time the sculptor took too much
one blow at a time
trying to perfect what was

Then stood back and looked
and unhappy with the final work
will now move on
to something with life
with new eyes
with shine
and a brand new soul

Sculpture from entryway of Hearst Castle

Monday, November 7, 2016

Blue blood

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The house told the story
the chairs and oriental rugs
so regal
so refined
made by craftsmen

You came from royalty
it was certain

The photographs were there to prove it
dogs with long hair, like a woman
lean and tall
sitting at your ancestors feet
dogs like that are bred
and suggest status

Your chin lifted slightly higher
your nose pointed up,
nostrils flared
eyes half closed

The monarch of the modern day

You should be wearing tassels on your shoes
those are memorable, those speak of lineage
maybe prove your point