Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Another excerpt

Along with Amy, Christina, Christine, Michelle, Jessica, Jennifer, Rose, Rhonda and a few other girls that were part of her group, there was Tanya. The first time she met Tanya she was picking up her friend Christine Q. Tessa was one of the few girls who had a car and she drove most of them to parties or the mall. Pulling up in front of Christine’s meticulously manicured lawn, she parked at the front walkway with two perfect bushes lining the path to the front door. Tanya and Christine came walking down the pathway, towards the car. Tanya was dressed all in pale shades of pink right down to a pale pink overcoat that was down to her ankles, blond hair flying and big green eyes, she leaned over toward the car and introduced herself, she waved her arm with a big flourish and yelled “Nice to meet you!” then fell backwards into the bush on the right side of the walkway, crushing it flat. Christine screamed, “Get out of that bush, my father won yard of the month and he’s going to kill me!” Tanya pushed herself out of the bush, turned and fell into the other bush and said, “I better make this one match!" Tessa was impressed, never had a girl made her laugh so hard within the first few minutes of meeting her. Tanya would become a fixture in Tessa’s life for the next few years. They took their first acid trip together, which resulted in Tanya’s mom grounding her right as the acid took effect. Tessa was left to trip out on her own, watching strangers melt plastic in a bonfire and later in the bathroom watch her own mascara melt down her face like rivulets of lava down the stone face of a volcano.