Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Breakers

These photos are from a recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island. The Breakers was a summer home to the prestigious Vanderbilt family, now it is a National Historic Landmark, and is open to the public year-round. The fee of $25 is well worth the price, the historic artisan beauty and intricate detailed design of these mansions of the gilded age makes the trip quite memorable. So many of these historic beauties are extremely expensive to keep from falling into disrepair and it would be a shame to watch any of these palaces of the past, slip into dust. The lighting isn't great for photos, and you can't use a flash due to how light is a destroyer of antiquities, so these are the best photos I could get. Still you can see how delicate and detailed everything is, aside from the simple and sort of stark bedroom suites. Hope you enjoy!
The front gates

The walkway to the front of the house

After a set of steps up, this is the grand entrance,
 note the red carpet on the stairs

A pretty marble fireplace, one of many throughout

The marble walls and light fixtures, wow..marble walls!?

More marble pillars, and ornate things, everywhere you look, 
the detail is fantastic!

Another marble fireplace, this one with carved cherubs

Doorway, hand painted and gilded wood carvings, 
the ceiling into the next room,
I wish I could have looked closer

The dark and brooding feeling library

I can't remember what room this was, I was getting overwhelmed by wealth,
it may have been the ceiling of the dining room, or the library 

Door handle, just wanted to show the detail

Amazing Stained glass ceiling

A beautiful ceiling, the ceilings were the best, how did all ceilings 
become white these days, let's go back

Another ceiling, hand painted wallpaper-

This is the hallway upstairs, looking down to the entryway, marble pillars 

I thought this was a strange chair. I couldn't tell if the table slid back and forth,
but I'm assuming it did, maybe for playing cards? Footsies? 

This is a wide shot of Mr. Vanderbilt's Bedroom
His Bathroom

His footbath?

This was the daughter's bedroom, very floral, 
but like the other room, not quite as ornate

A tapestry and more carved painted wood, so amazing, the craftsmanship

Stairwell to the kitchen

The kitchen was for servants, and you can see it is 
very practical, less ornate

But it's my dream kitchen, so cool

The concrete prep table is so modern,
copper pots, nice and shiny.

Sunny little spot, maybe for making bread

I love the depth of this sink, copper and huge!

Keep those sharp instruments behind the glass!?

Butler's two story pantry

Tea cabinet or something, I couldn't wear the headset,
so I used my imagination...

Another lovely ceiling, I think my favorite, this was the dining room

In the main entryway

Ceiling above entryway

Sitting room

I think this was going up the stairs, so pretty!

Ceiling... beauty!

Another fireplace and sitting room

Everyone needs an ancestor with an eyepatch!

The clouds, I can see the sky!

Over a doorway, an angry cherub

Another sitting room

A better view of the marble walls

Another cool ceiling, hmmm...I need to start painting again

Fireplace detail

Lone phone, near the kitchen

More detail of the dining room


Another mural on the ceiling

 Hope you enjoyed the photos, next photo set like this will be from Hearst Castle!

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