Monday, August 7, 2017

I love you Free People...BUT

My sister and I love the Free People brand. I've been a fan since the early nineties, I think they started maybe mid-eighties or something. So.. over the years, I've liked, bought, disliked, had to have..etc... whatever, but the last five years I've noticed some REALLY silly stuff (clothing) on their website mostly. Not to mention the COST$$$ of these laughable items (no offense to the designers). So.. with that in mind here are some of my favorite things to question. These are from the last six months, in no particular order.

Hmm..where would I wear this, maybe when I am playing Scrooge, in A Christmas Carol?

I could wear this when I want to be completely naked, yet appear to be wearing clothes. With ruffles. Steal @$99, down from $295.

I could put this on for only $500, when I want to sneak my children (3) in to some place, without anyone noticing.

This was $400, but for the lower price of $200, I can feel as though I'm wearing a circus tent! VERY festive!

For $455 I can wrap this blanket/dress around me, and crawl into bed warm. Looks the same in the front!

Someone may be able to pull this off, but who? Only $200 made of polyester, so even though it's see through, you will be sweating!

This looks like my grandmother's night jacket, even sheer, and only $420 wear with tennis shoes. Nice Photo, sells the dress for sure...

I think this could be used as a shower curtain, a steal for only $300, down from $475  front is the same, watch your step.

I don't even know where to begin with this dress, on sale for $500, down from $700, is this made of unicorn hair?

Are these a preppy version of MC Hammer's favorite pants in jumpsuit denim form??? Are those clouds or flowers?

I can't imagine trying to visit the bathroom in this, are those sideways ruffles on the legs, or, I don't know. Only $500 worth of confusion.

The name says it all, going fast @$70

When you need an extra sail, just in case you're on a boat, and the sail fails.

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