Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Italy & Greece in panoramic views

Below are some of the places that were spectacular! I would have taken many more of these types of shots, but I was trying to step away from just taking photos and capture these breathtaking views in my head, storing them in my memory banks. I did manage to take some panoramic views when I remembered, or when I felt to capture this particular sight, that the full panoramic was the only way to share the magnificence with my family and friends. Beautiful views ahead, some of the photos have a slight black zigzag at the top, this was when I was bumped or moved the camera too fast.

Heading to Delphi in Greece (that's Austin to the right)

Temple of Apollo, Delphi



From the ship, Santorini in the distance

Athens, Greece


In port Athens

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Vatican City

Vatican City, 


St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica

Vatican City

Vatican City

St. Peter's

The Coliseum

Inside the Coliseum

View to underground, where the gladiators hung out

Roman forum
Sailing into Capri

looking down from the top of Capri

Thursday, May 23, 2019


I said I would post photos when I returned from Italy & Greece, so better later..than never-
There are so many photos that I love, however it's just not possible to post as many as I would like. I'll post a few of my favorites from Greece first.

I felt completely relaxed in Greece, the sea air, the serene contrast in the rock slopes of the cities and the deep blue waters, to the flowers blooming from out of the walls, cracks and crevices was stunningly beautiful. I could not help but feel in awe while visiting this cradle of civilization.

Leaving Athens


A side street in Mykonos, with cool art!

The windmills

 I was compelled to take photos of the overflowing trash bins, which were everywhere-

This little island, was charming, the residents were super friendly and open, wish I remembered the name-

That's me on the same little unnamed Island

Flowers and cobblestone streets-

Little fishing boats

More little boats-

So charming, we went to around 12 Islands, so it was hard to keep track-

Found this near the water, I liked the colors

Most painful beach to walk on, but so beautiful, the water had lots of sea urchins!

Sailing in to Santorini

Blue domes in Santorini

Athens, such a cool city, view from Athenas temple


Graffiti, Athens

The colorful carved penis souvenir rack

Cool bookshop on Santorini